This program is a mandatory requirement by VA DMV for all Teenagers (Under 18) to complete in order to receive their Driver’s License.

DMV final road test included with Teen Behind the Wheel Available 7 days a week, including evenings; Pickup & Drop-off Included!

As required by the State of VA DMV, you must complete 14 periods of in-car instruction

  • There will be seven (7) appointments
    • Each appointment is 1 hour and 40 minutes long
    • 50 minutes of driving and 50 minutes of observation
    • 7 x 50min periods of driving (350min total)
    • 7 x 50min periods of observation (350min total)
  • On the last (7th) session, our DMV certified instructor will give you the DMV final road test. If you drive well, the instructor will pass you. Thus making the student exempt from taking the final road test at a DMV center.

  • Upon passing, the instructor will issue a temporary driver's license certificate (DTS-B) valid for 6 months/180 days.
    • This document along with the Learner's Permit, will serve as a full-fledged license to drive for the new driver.
    • The temporary driver's license (DTS-B) does not become valid unless a teenager is at least 16yrs and 3 months of age and has held a Learners Permit for 9 months
  • AA Driving Academy sends a copy of your certificate (DTS-B) to the DMV main office in Richmond,VA.


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Within the next few months, the local Juvenile Court will mail a letter with the date and time of the Licensing Ceremony. They typically notify you at least 30 days in advance of the Ceremony, so that you and a parent can both attend. At the Ceremony the student will receive the hard copy of their driver's license (ID card).

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  • Must obtain a Learners Permit from the DMV and have held it for 9 months
    • Make a photocopy of Learner's Permit
  • Certificate of completion (DEC-1) of drivers education course (classroom or online)
    • Must be signed by Driver's Education Teacher and School Administrator
  • Certificate of completion of 90-minute parent/teen course (classroom or online)
    • Must be signed by Driver's Education Teacher and School Administrator
  • Driving log of 45 hours with parents (30hrs daytime plus 15hrs nighttime)
This program is NOT for brand new drivers who have never driven before! Per the DMV, you MUST have 45 hours of driving practice/experience before the temporary license is issued

Teen Behind the Wheel Training Pricing
Behind the Wheel Training (Under 18)

(includes 7 appointments, DMV Road Test, License Issuing)

  • Our DMV certified instructors give in-car instruction using DMV approved vehicles (modern, 4 door, automatic, dual controlled)
  • Clean, air-conditioned, automatic transmission, Dual Control Vehicles
  • Our vehicles go through continuous and rigorous maintenance and safety inspections.
  • Our vehicles have dual equipped brakes, passenger side rear view mirror, blind spot mirrors and are inspected annually by the DMV.
  • Our vehicles hold vehicle inspection reports in compliance with Virginia state requirement to insure you receive maximum safety.

  • DMV Certified Instructors
  • Some of our instructors are active and retired police officers, with numerous years of extensive training and experience in traffic law enforcement, emergency driving methods, collision investigation and traffic court proceedings.
  • All of our instructors have many years of driving instruction experience, given professional training and are educated college graduates. They have also received specialized collegiate level training in Drivers Education.
  • In addition, all are licensed as Driver Training Instructors by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), certified by American Automobile Association (AAA) and National Safety Council (NSC).
  • All of our instructors get their fingerprints done every year and are subject to annual national Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) background checks and DMV driving record audits.

Since opening its doors in 1994 AA Driving Academy has had one goal; to "teach you safe, responsible and accountable driving". To date, our driving school is responsible for training, licensing and improving the driving of 80,000 student drivers that have graduated from our academy.

Our school is fully licensed, certified, insured and bonded

  • Printed registration form
  • Completed & Signed School Contract (must be signed by Student & Parent/Guardian) Click Here for student Contract
  • Photocopy of Learners Permit issued by the DMV
  • Remaining balance payment (Checks can be made out to “AA Driving Academy”)
  • Certificate of completion (DEC-1) of drivers education course (classroom or online)
    • Usually a pink card that looks like this



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NOTE: By completing the registration form, this does NOT guarantee a time spot/schedule. Once you submit your registration and pay the deposit, you will immediately receive your confirmation page via email. Plus within 24hrs, we will also send you a separate email with your assigned instructors information. The instructor will contact you within 24-48hrs to discuss scheduling. If you do not hear from them, you may call them directly or please call our office at 703-478-6800.

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